Coriell Institute for Medical Research

Coriell 211x90The Coriell Institute for Medical Research, founded in 1953 and based in Camden, New Jersey, is an independent non-profit research center dedicated to the study of the human genome. Expert staff and pioneering programs in the fields of personalized medicine, cell biology, cytogenetics, genotyping, and biobanking drive our mission.

In addition to its world renowned biobank, Coriell is a leader in personalized medicine, having launched the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC) research study in 2007, a research study seeking to understand the usefulness of genetic risk and pharmacogenomics in clinical decision-making and healthcare management. To capitalize on the success of the CPMC and the explosion of interest in genome-informed medicine, the Institute formed a for-profit spin-off venture in 2013: Coriell Life Sciences (CLS), which is empowering doctors by simplifying genomic science.

Coriell has a distinguished history in cell biology. Recently having built upon their existing expertise, Coriell has become a leader in induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell research. Induced pluripotent stem cells are powerful cells which can be made from skin or blood cells, and they are revolutionizing the way human disease is studied and how drugs are developed. Skin cells from a patient diagnosed with heart disease are being genetically reprogrammed into stem cells, and then transformed into beating cardiac cells. Researchers can now examine the heart-diseased cells to better understand the progression of heart disease and develop treatments and cures. Drug efficacy and safety can also be tested in this laboratory environment, providing an efficient model of drug discovery that delivers drugs to patients sooner. This technology, called "disease in a dish," offers researchers the potential to study the myriad of human diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, muscular dystrophy, and diabetes.

In addition to pioneering cutting-edge research initiatives, Coriell offers custom research services – including cell culture, cytogenetic analyses, and molecular biology – to the scientific community. Furthermore, Coriell's Genotyping and Microarray Center is one of the nation's largest centers, with high-throughput DNA analysis, CLIA-certified genotyping platforms systems from Illumina and Affymetrix.

Essential to the Institute's support of international scientific research is the Coriell Biobank. From this renowned cell bank, Coriell manages and distributes the world's most diverse collection of cell lines, DNA, and other biological resources. The Coriell Biobank provided support to the Human Genome Project, a worldwide program to map the entire human genome, and to the International HapMap Project, a project providing an efficient tool to identify disease-causing genes.