COVID-19 Return to Operations

CLS provides a precision medicine approach to COVID-19 testing & returning to operations.

When it comes to getting your company, organization, or school running again, you need much more than a COVID-19 testing solution.  You need Coriell Life Sciences.  CLS offers a full array of resources that enables a comprehensive solution to get your business up-and-running again in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way.  

The Coriell Life Sciences Return to Operations program incorporates the most important components that are all necessary to reopen by combining insight from intelligent data analysis and large-scale testing, along with assessing functional priorities versus risk tolerances.

Coriell Life Sciences is not a laboratory.  We have built a network of laboratory partners throughout the US to ensure high-throughput capacity to ensure availability of testing of the highest quality, scalability, and favorable pricing.  We provide comprehensive employee and student risk analysis combined with coordinated high-volume COVID-19 testing to deliver an executable program for businesses, colleges and universities, and other organizations seeking to resume operations.  Our data analytics tools and turnkey infrastructure combine medical history with organizational demographics, COVID-19 progression, individualized job hazard exposure, and business-related priorities to provide the decision support and execution employers and administrators need today to proactively analyze, assess, and respond effectively.

With Coriell Life Sciences, you get the Power in Knowing exactly when it’s time to return and how to keep your organization running safely.

Your Priority: Returning Responsibly & Sustainably

Corporations, colleges and universities, and other organizations now find themselves asking a series of business-changing questions:

CLS has launched a Return to Operations (RTO) Program.  This turnkey solution goes beyond testing to include complete analytics and implementation to get organizations up-and-running again and prevent further widescale disruption.

Turnkey Program Components

Needs Identification & Planning

CLS can immediately perform the required data analysis on populations of any size to create COVID-19 risk scoring and an executable plan for a safe return to operations.  Depending on data available from the client organization or company, this work can be completed within two weeks of receiving the required population information.  Our expansive network of laboratories enables us to achieve a capacity of approximately 100,000 samples per day.

  • Population health analysis
  • Facilities analysis
  • Business plan analysis
  • COVID-19 outbreak progression tracking
  • Understanding of environment risk
  • Back-to-operations blueprint

Workforce or Student Engagement

As a core component of CLS’ business, our team includes member outreach and enrollment specialists to efficiently and effectively handle a variety of needs.

  • Employee and staff or student outreach
  • Program enrollment
  • Test sourcing and full management of kit design, inventory, and distribution
  • Logistics
  • Various collection scenarios supported, including in-home, outpatient, and in-patient


Coriell Life Sciences utilizes a cloud-based data management system enabling safe, remote operation via highly automated and scalable processes and technology.

  • Real-time data collection
  • Network of laboratories throughout the US
  • Robust physician network licensed in all 50 states
  • Fully automated test kit logistics
  • Direct integration with dozes of leading LIMS systems
  • Sample collection process includes point-of-collection data entry via reactive webform, immediate invocation of physician ordering process and return of in-state physician NPI, association of patient data in CDMS with collection kit barcode
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring

Results Delivery & Dashboard

CLS has launched a real-time decision support system featuring data-driven insights available in real-time.

Return to Operations Dashboard

Clinical Considerations for Physician Ordering

  • Built on CDC guidance
  • Adheres to HHS priority framework
  • Includes both current viral and antibody test types
  • Provides comprehensive framework
  • Includes additional touchpoints for employees and students

CLS Prides Itself on Stringent Process Management

  • Our business process management infrastructure is built upon Amazon Web Services elastic cloud
  • Automatically scales horizontally to load balance with millions of transactions performed daily
  • Fully secured: SOC2, HIPAA audited for compliance
  • Track record of business integrity and ethical and compliant conduct
  • Mature, robust design standards that follow rigorous redundancy and fail-safe practices
  • In seven years of operation, Coriell Life Sciences has never had a service disruption to its testing coordination or clinical decision support systems

With Coriell Life Sciences, you get the Power In Knowing™

How to Test

Who to Test

When to Test

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