Return to Operations
Safely and Sustainably

The Precision Medicine Approach
to COVID-19 Testing

A Turnkey Real-Time
Decision Support System

How to Get Your Organization Up and Running Safely

Leverage the Power In Knowing™ exactly when it’s time to return.  When it comes to COVID-19 testing, it’s a mistake to test everyone in your organization. Our Return-to-Operations program incorporates our proven precision medicine approach, so you’ll know how to test, who to test, and when to test. This continuous monitoring and diligence program draws data from systems already in place, self-reported information, and geographical disease progression. In addition to significantly reduced costs, you will:

  • Get clear answers on when to reopen
  • Understand who is most at risk
  • Minimize the likelihood of unreported infections
  • Realize a reduced risk of business disruption
  • Have an action plan if someone tests positive
  • Benefit from end-to-end implementation and member engagement

Program Components

Return-to-Operations Dashboard

Complete Visibility for Returning Status

The real-time, cloud-hosted dashboard tracks individual risk and testing status for each member of your population using data from census records, self-reported risk and health information, national progression of the disease, and real-time testing results. The system also triggers event-based actions including notifying members of additional required testing and contact tracing notification on positive test results.

The Employee Experience

Easy-to-use virtual tools for effective engagement

From enrollment, to symptom reporting, to ongoing testing
communications, employees will have easy access to all of the
information they need no matter their location. Accessible from
all browsers and devices, employees can easily check their testing
status and send health updates to the organization through our
convenient web forms and SMS notification platform.

How the Return-to-Operations Program Works

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Change Enablement

Ready to Reopen?

Once you have a return-to-operations plan, how will you communicate it and ensure compliance across your organization? In order to successfully execute your plan, it will be critical to have a change enablement and communications strategy in place to engage and support your returning employees and students. Our Change Enablement Program provides a complete internal communications plan that ensures member satisfaction, increases productivity, and encourages compliance throughout the transition.

The Change Enablement Program Considers Your Unique Return-to-Operations Plan and Helps You to:

  • Segment internal stakeholder groups and map key messaging to each group’s individual needs
  • Establish a change enablement roadmap to plan for major milestones based on business objectives
  • Create a detailed communications plan that considers the most appropriate delivery channels for each message and audience
  • Develop, design, and deploy effective communications

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