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The expert and experienced speakers at Coriell Life Sciences have spoken at a wide variety of industry and related events, focusing on population health with uncompromising scientific and medical excellence as trusted, ethical, and prudent advisors. CLS continues to go beyond genetic testing to provide clinical results that are actionable, improve lives, reduce costs, and simplify decision-making.

  • Enterprise Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

    Pharmacogenomics represents a potentially powerful enhancement to current wellness and medication risk management programs. However, challenges must be addressed to successfully implement these programs especially in large populations where the members and their prescribing physicians are naïve or misinformed to the utilization of genetics for personalized prescribing. We describe the population assessment, program implementation, outcomes from our efforts, and its relevance across poly-pharmacy and working well populations.

  • Turnkey Return-to-Operations Program

    The CLS Return-to-Operations (RTO) Program is a turnkey solution that goes beyond testing to include complete analytics & implementation to get businesses and schools up-and-running again & prevent further widescale disruption. Our data analytics tools & testing infrastructure combine health claims, company demographics, COVID-19 progression, individualized job hazard exposure, & business priorities to provide decision support and execution employers need today.

Available Speakers

  • Scott Megill
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Scott Megill is President and Chief Executive Officer of Coriell Life Sciences (CLS).  With a vision to translate decades of cutting-edge...

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  • Jeffrey A. Shaman, PhD, MS
    Chief Science Officer

    Jeffrey Shaman, PhD, MS, is the Chief Science Officer at Coriell Life Sciences where he oversees the company’s research, education,...

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Past Events

  • Philadelphia, PA
    American Public Health Forum (APHA) 2019
  • Orlando, FL
    Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute’s (PBMI) 25th Annual National Conference
  • Philadelphia, PA
    NCTR 98th Annual Conference
  • Philadelphia, PA
    Precision Medicine Leaders Summit – Pharmacogenomics


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