Employers & Payers

With a proven track record that’s vetted by rigorous scientific data, Coriell Life Sciences (CLS) is on the cutting edge of precision medicine. As a trusted partner, we provide actionable solutions informed by genetic knowledge to support your organization including:

Lower healthcare and employer costs

Enhance the standard of care

Promote a healthy member population

Shared Mission

Employer and Payer organizations rely on CLS’ convenient turnkey solutions for greater benefit from healthcare spending—driving measurable results for members and organizations alike. Medication safety solutions and our proprietary platform allow for:

  • Fewer emergency department visits and hospitalizations
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Lower prescription costs
  • Reduced overall healthcare costs

Our Offerings

Our streamlined process has positioned us as a trusted advisor to our partners. With your input, we take care of everything from an initial ROI assessment, to member communications, all the way through to test results delivery and detailed reporting.

Medication Safety Program

Each year, gene-drug reactions cause life-threatening conditions and increased healthcare costs. Corigen, our population-scale Medication Safety Program, ensures your members will optimize their drug therapies, resulting in improved quality of life and lower healthcare costs.

The most comprehensive medication safety solution on the market

Backed by rigorous scientific methodology

In-depth reporting on gene-drug, drug-drug, and lifestyle-related medication risks

Real-time solutions modeling

One-time testing – lifetime benefits

Dedicated to patient privacy

Find out how the Corigen program can improve your organization’s medication safety.

Call (888) 415-7834 or complete this form to discuss how Corigen can help your organization.


    Return-to-Operations Program

    Incorporating the most important components necessary to reopen, our Return-to-Operations Program combines insights from intelligent data analysis and large-scale testing, along with assessing functional priorities versus risk tolerances.

    Get your organization up and running safely with our turnkey decision support system

    Needs Identification & Planning

    Workforce or Student Engagement


    Results Delivery & Dashboard

    Does your organization need assistance returning to work?

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