Pharmacogenomics for Patients & Caregivers

Do you know what your DNA says about how you might process certain medications? With pharmacogenomics testing at home, prescription medications that may be ineffective or unsafe for you can be identified. This test is currently available through participating employers and benefits providers, with all prescription decisions being made by your doctor.

This is often referred to as personalized or precision medicine.

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Avoiding Trial-and-Error Prescribing

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Minimizing Adverse Drug Reactions

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Preventing Unwanted Side Effects

Benefits of our Personalized Medicine Program

Rather than spending critical time going through multiple rounds of medication adjustments to get the drugs and dosage just right, our Corigen® Medication Safety Program helps your healthcare provider ensure you are taking the right medication for you – right away.

The benefits of such personalized medicine using our convenient at-home pharmacogenomics testing include:

  • Prevent Prescribing Errors: Treatment plans for acute and chronic conditions rarely account for genetic variation, thereby subjecting patients to ineffective treatment or exposure to harmful side effects.


  • Reduce Harmful Reactions: Adverse drug events alone represent a litany of poor healthcare outcomes1-3 and are a common cause of hospitalizations each year4-6.


  • Avoid Side Effects: Medications developed to improve health, cure disease, fight infections, and protect patients are ineffective or cause side effects in greater than 50% of patients7.

How Does My DNA Determine What Medications Work for Me? 

Your DNA controls the speed certain medications can move through your body.

I shared this information with my doctor and he switched to a different family of medications that will have a better profile for me.
Medications with DNA-related risks include Clopidogrel, Hydrocodone, Atorvastatin, Oxycodone, Omeprazole, and more

More than 150 medications are affected by differences in DNA. This includes commonly prescribed medications for mental health, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, pain management, and many others. 

If a medication is blocked or processed too slowly, it is less likely to have beneficial effects, or it can build up in your body and put you at risk of an accidental overdose.

If a medication moves too fast, it can pass out of your body before it ever has a chance to work. 

How Does DNA Testing Work?

Using advanced pharmacogenomics (PGx) technology, the test, analyzed by a laboratory, considers your compatibility with more than 150 medications. This technology is fueled by decades of scientific findings on how a person’s DNA affects their response to medication. Our process is especially easy since we offer pharmacogenomics testing at home by asking for a one-time saliva sample to then be shipped to a laboratory.

In addition to DNA analysis, dozens of other risk factors are included– such as age, medical conditions, other medications, what you eat and drink, and other lifestyle factors – to flag medications you’re taking today that may not be right for you and identify medications you should avoid throughout the course of your life since your DNA does not change over time. Once your DNA has been analyzed, you will receive a medication compatibility report and a pharmacist will review all recommendations with your doctor.

What is Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine?

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how genes affect an individual’s response to medication. Personalized medicine takes a tailored approach to diagnosis and treatment based on the individual. We combine pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine and partner with the healthcare community to deliver paths to more efficient care worldwide.

Championing the power of genetic science and testing through personalized medicine, we leverage the power of PGx to ensure you are only taking the medications that work for you.

Did you know:

  • Genes can influence a person’s response to medications
  • The safety and efficacy of more than 200 prescription medications are known to be affected by a person’s genes
  • On average, people aged 45 and older take four prescription medications daily
  • People 65-69 years old take an average of 14 prescriptions per year
  • About one-fifth of prescriptions given to elderly patients are inappropriate
  • Adverse reactions are responsible for 32,000 hip fractures per year and 28% of re-hospitalizations

What is the Corigen Medication Safety Program Process?

Get Started

After enrolling through your employer or insurance provider, you’ll receive a pharmacogenomics test kit in the mail that you complete at home – comfortable, private, and no need to visit a clinic or pharmacy.

DNA Analysis

Our specially-trained pharmacists from CLS’ laboratory network analyze your results to see how your DNA, combined with other factors, affects the medication(s) you take.

Results Delivery

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a notification to schedule a phone call with one of our pharmacists who will review your results and may make recommendations to you and your physician. Your physician will then determine the most appropriate medication therapy changes and review the new treatment plan with you.

Learn More About Our Corigen Medication Safety Program

If your employer or health benefits provider would like more information about pharmacogenomics for patients, please call 888-415-7834 or complete the form below.


    Already Participating?

    For those who may already have the option of experiencing the benefits of our personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics program through your employer or benefits provider:

    Coriell Life Sciences DNA sample kit and instructions

    Having trouble with your sample? 

    Check out this helpful video to ensure a high-quality DNA sample.

    Return Your Kit

    Place your signed consent form and DNA sample into the box and seal. That’s it! We’ve pre-labeled and pre-paid your return kit, so your box can be placed in any mailbox serviced by the US Postal Service.

    Request a Kit or Schedule a Pharmacist Consultation

    Contact a CLS Enrollment Support Specialist at (888) 456-9184 or


    Contact a CLS Enrollment Support Specialist

    (888) 456-9184

    Privacy Concerns for Patients & Individuals

    Keeping your data and personal information safe and secure is our topmost priority. DNA test results are only shared with you and your doctor and will not impact your healthcare coverage or benefits. Your results are confidential and maintained securely, just like any other medical record, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

    100% confidential. Learn the steps CLS takes to ensure your privacy.

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