About Coriell Life Sciences

The Power in Knowing™ How to Improve Lives Through Precision Medicine

Headquartered in the historic and innovation-centric Philadelphia Navy Yard, Coriell Life Sciences is a precision medicine genetics company using genetic science and research to:

  • Improve lives
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Simplify decision-making for our customers throughout the United States and around the world

We deliver power in knowing by helping employers and payer organizations incorporate genetic science and personalized medicine data science into their benefits plans to:

  • Improve member health
  • Gain population insights
  • Reduce healthcare costs

We also deliver research analysis of genetic variation, alongside demographic data, lifestyle factors, and real-time drug regimen modeling. Our approach to precision medicine with genetics empowers healthcare providers, pharmacists, laboratories, and participants to embrace personalized knowledge for more effective medical care.

Coriell Life Sciences headquarters in Philadelphia Navy Yard

Our Vision

Empower the most precise medical care for a healthier world.

Our Mission

Partner with the healthcare community to deliver the power of genetic science through personalized medicine, paths to better health, and the most efficient care worldwide.

Our Core Values

Adhering to our core values enables us to deliver the power in knowing every day.

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By focusing on the overall advancement of pharmacogenomics (PGx) and precision medicine, the knowledge, motivation, and expertise to move research into the clinical space, and always striving to reward employee ideation.

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Continuous Learning & Improvement

By being the ultimate champion of PGx, promoting ongoing education for ourselves, for our current and prospective customers, for the industry at large, driving thought leadership, and being an industry authority in personalized medicine data science.

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Customer Centricity

By continuously proving bias toward action, keeping the patient front-and-center when it comes to decision making, and being a trusted partner and advisor in all facets of our business.

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Accountability & Responsibility

By remaining financially prudent, acting ethically with all customers and colleagues, and prioritizing and maintaining data privacy, security, and confidentiality.

Our Leadership

Solutions for Partners and Investors

Driven by a mission to empower a healthier world, we go beyond genetic testing to improve population health, reduce costs, and simplify decision-making. Explore a few of the many benefits realized by our partners and investors through our approach to precision medicine with genetics:

  • Improvements in both patient health and employer bottom line
  • Decreased costs of member care and insurance
  • Alleviated privacy and confidentiality concerns
  • Improved savings and performance benchmarks
  • New revenue streams
  • Availability of industry insights and trends
  • Streamlined internal decision processes
  • Improved prescribing accuracy
  • Reduced member/patient absenteeism and increased productivity
  • Greater returns on investment


We partner with leading members of the healthcare community to study the power of precision medicine genetics and personalized medicine data science, along with the impact it can have on participants. Partners include: