Delivering the Power of Precision Medicine

Coriell Life Sciences is your trusted advisor in genetic science.  On the cutting edge of precision medicine innovation, we partner with customers to provide actionable solutions, informed by genetic knowledge, to reduce healthcare costs and empower a healthier world.  We bridge the gap between genetic knowledge and clinical application.  Coriell Life Sciences sets the gold standard in genetic interpretation and reporting and offers the most comprehensive medication risk management program on the market.

The Value of Data Analytics and Preemptive Genetic Testing

A Case Study in Smarter Healthcare During COVID-19 and Beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has catapulted the value of data analytics and preemptive genetic testing.  One thing is clear: there will be no cure for COVID-19 any time soon.  In the meantime, we need to make better use of the information and tools we already have today to lessen the impact of the disease outbreak.  In this document, we highlight three key areas:

  1. Genetic testing for medication response: Benefitting the patient and clinician.
  2. Population risk analysis: A tool for decision-makers to manage populations.
  3. Actionable insights.

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