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The Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Kentucky

Case Study

Corigen™ resulted in medication improvements for 64% of the pension plan’s population.

Corigen™ at a Glance

Scalable precision prescribing for population health

Our medication risk management program helps organizations reduce costs and improve lives.

Why Population Analytics

Risk-Free ROI Analysis

We evaluate your spending and your population to show exactly how your organization can benefit.

Return to Operations Safely and Sustainably

COVID-19 Return-to-Operations Planning

Know exactly when to reopen, who and how to test, and mitigate future business disruption.

New Healthcare Delivery Paradigms During COVID-19 and Beyond

National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR) Webinar

Featuring Quest Diagnostics, TRS, and CLS.

Pharmacogenetic guidelines and decision support tools for depression treatment:

Application to late-life

LLD PGx evidence base incorporated into existing commercial decision support tools and clinical pharmacogenetic guidelines.

Diagnosing Bacterial Vaginosis with a Novel, Clinically-Actionable Molecular Diagnostic Tool

From the Journal of Applied Microbiological Research

White paper published July 18, 2018.

Consequences of CYP2D6 Copy-Number Variation for Pharmacogenomics in Psychiatry

Best practices for overcoming measurement accuracy and...

PGx as an enhancement to the current standard of care for psychiatric patients.

Molecular Diagnosis of Vaginitis: Comparing Quantitative PCR and Microbiome Profiling...

The largest comprehensive study on diagnostic methods...

Largest comprehensive study on diagnostic methods for infectious vaginitis.

Are You Taking Prescription Medications That May Not Be Right...

PGx improves lives, reduces healthcare costs, and simplifies decision-making.

Deliver Precision Prescribing with GeneDose LIVE

Quickly see which medications are wrong or potentially harmful.

Return-to-Operations Program featured on 6 ABC Action News Philadelphia

The Power In Knowing exactly when it’s time and how to return safely.

The Value of Data Analytics and Preemptive Genetic Testing

A Case Study in Smarter Healthcare During...

CLS makes better use of the information and tools we already have to lessen the…

Corigen™ Scalable Precision Prescribing

Fact Sheet

Corigen™ empowers members, payers, and pharmacy benefits managers through precision medicine.

Return-to-Operations Program


Our real-time decision support tool keeps organizations up and running safely amidst COVID-19.

Return-to-Operations Program Components


Our comprehensive program includes Needs Identification, Testing, Member Engagement, & Results.

Return-to-Operations Change Enablement

Fact Sheet

Change management and communication strategies are essential to keeping your organization safe.

Return-to-Operations Program Overview


See how our program can help your organization return to operations safely amidst the pandemic.

Webinar: Social Determinants Up Close and Personal

Rev Up 2020 session that peels back...

Innovative solutions that are driving change.

Expert Panel: COVID Vaccines and Drug Trials, Plus the Third...

CLS Participates in Expert COVID-19 Panel

Expert panel, including Coriell Life Sciences’ Jeffrey Shaman, discuss progress with COVID-19 vaccines and drug…

Personalized Medication Specialists

Healthcare Tech Outlook names CLS one of...

We evaluate your spending and your population to show exactly how your organization can benefit.

Reduce Trial-and-Error Prescribing for Mental Health Treatment

CLS relies on precision medicine to improve medication impact, reduce adverse drug events, and tailor…

Precision Prescribing and Specialty Rx

Health Action Council Week 2 Breakout Session

Coriell Life Sciences’ Scott Megill examines the value of scalable precision prescribing and the benefits…

One-on-One with the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

Coriell Life Sciences Harnesses the Power of...

National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions interviews CLS’ Scott Megill