Coriell Life Sciences Testimonials

Medication Safety Program Testimonials

Coriell Life Sciences continually receives testimonials from actual Medication Safety Program participants across all customers and programs.

“I have had AFib and after 2 ablations and a pacemaker, I am feeling great! I am only taking one medication but the pharmacist was so kind and explained how this medication is reacting to my DNA. Things are good for me but I think they are just as informative with everyone who is involved in the program. Thank you so much for the chance to learn how my medications react in my body.”
“I’ve had issues with high cholesterol and blood pressure. I have been working on diet and exercise but my doctor also started me on Lipitor (as well as blood pressure medications). I have had my liver enzymes somewhat elevated and the pharmacist recommended that, based on my DNA, I can’t process the dosage of Lipitor that I’ve been taking. Mystery solved. I am going to meet with my doctor to discuss the pharmacist’s recommendation that I take a different medication or less of the Lipitor. Thank you. I should be able to more effectively manage my cholesterol without damaging my liver now.”
Coriell Life Sciences Medication Safety Program testimonial from February 7, 2013
“I had some minor procedures after receiving the (MedicationSafety) report. It was helpful making decisions about my care and what medications would be best.”
“This is an amazing service provided and I feel so good knowing that as medications are prescribed in my future, an alert will be indicated if my DNA doesn’t jive well with any of them! That to me is amazing and so reassuring. The pharmacist I talked to explained a few things about my DNA results and the medication I take that coincided with things I had observed about my body. Very interesting and helpful!”
“I think it is a great program. I found out one medicine was not working well for me. That’s important for me so now my doctor can prescribe a medicine that works better. Personalized medicine is a great benefit. The KYRx (Know Your Rx) Coalition (pharmacists) were wonderful. Thank you for the program.”

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    Last Updated: February 14, 2023