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Coriell Life Sciences continually receives testimonials from actual Medication Safety Program participants.

Very beneficial to find out what medicines to avoid. Also, discovered my husband has the same genetic mutation as I do for blood clots. The pharmacist gave us valuable information on what to watch for and do during travel and other helpful suggestions. I highly recommend this valuable service!”

“The DNA test was simple to do, and the results are easy to understand. Only one of my current medications required modification (after consulting with my primary care physician.) I gave my PCP a copy of the results and will take a copy to any new doctors I consult. This test was beneficial to me, in that the results validate my belief that I simply cannot tolerate certain medications. Some of the medications I have encountered problems with are on the list of drugs I should avoid. I appreciate the willingness of the pharmacist to discuss the results and answer questions. Thank you, Zack Wilkerson (clinical pharmacist with the Know Your Rx Coalition (KYRx))! I recommend this test because it provides important information that can be used when making medical decisions.”
“This continues to substantiate why I have a difficult time with medications. Now this adds to my documentation. I realize now it is not only my severe allergies that cause issues but that my body metabolizes medication in unique ways. Thank you for this information.”
“As a result of my DNA testing, my doctor changed my antidepressant, and the result is amazing! My family doctor is very impressed with this program and would like more of her patients to take the test.”
“The pharmacist noticed that I was on thyroid medicine and also took supplements that could interact with each other. So, he recommended taking my thyroid medication first thing in the morning, and then not taking any other meds, supplements, or food for 30 minutes or longer. It has made a HUGE impact on my energy throughout the day! We’re so thankful for this study, and for it being provided by our insurance! When my husband did this study, they found that he had Factor V, which has been very important for his doctors to know, with his health conditions.”
“I heard about DNA testing regarding prescriptions on a national news story 2 years ago. I thought at that time that this was the future of medicine. I never dreamed that I would be asked to be part of the pilot program for DNA testing for prescriptions in Kentucky. Thanks to Jane Gilbert and Gary Harbin for having the foresight to see that this would be very important to our Kentucky Retired Teachers. I did the testing and thank goodness I did because 2 of my medicines were not working well together. Thanks to Lea Goggins at the (Know Your) Rx Coalition for working with me to get the medicine issue resolved. Once again, I am proud to be a retired teacher in Kentucky where TRS (The Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Kentucky) is looking out for the well-being of its members!!!

“It verified my thoughts about caffeine. The blood clotting surprised me because I seem to bleed easily. But it made up my mind not to take a certain medication.

“I was curious about having my DNA analyzed but did not feel a need for it because I have generally stayed in good health. However, at a recent retired teachers’ meeting, I found out that having my DNA analysis on file could help me with determining proper medications in the future as I age. I am looking forward to discussing the results of the DNA Analysis with my general physician. Thank you!”

“The application was extremely easy. The sample collection was simple and easy to do. The pharmacist who contacted me was unbelievably nice and had thoughtful advice not only for my current medications but for drugs I might use in the future. I was extremely impressed with this service.”

“I have had AFib and after 2 ablations and a pacemaker, I am feeling great! I am only taking one medication but the pharmacist was so kind and explained how this medication is reacting to my DNA. Things are good for me but I think they are just as informative with everyone who is involved in the program. Thank you so much for the chance to learn how my medications react in my body.”

“I’ve had issues with high cholesterol and blood pressure. I have been working on diet and exercise but my doctor also started me on Lipitor (as well as blood pressure medications). I have had my liver enzymes somewhat elevated and the pharmacist recommended that, based on my DNA, I can’t process the dosage of Lipitor that I’ve been taking. Mystery solved. I am going to meet with my doctor to discuss the pharmacist’s recommendation that I take a different medication or less of the Lipitor. Thank you. I should be able to more effectively manage my cholesterol without damaging my liver now.”

“I had some minor procedures after receiving the (MedicationSafety) report. It was helpful making decisions about my care and what medications would be best.”

“This is an amazing service provided and I feel so good knowing that as medications are prescribed in my future, an alert will be indicated if my DNA doesn’t jive well with any of them! That to me is amazing and so reassuring. The pharmacist I talked to explained a few things about my DNA results and the medication I take that coincided with things I had observed about my body. Very interesting and helpful!”

“I think it is a great program. I found out one medicine was not working well for me. That’s important for me so now my doctor can prescribe a medicine that works better. Personalized medicine is a great benefit. The KYRx (Know Your Rx) Coalition (pharmacists) were wonderful. Thank you for the program.”

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Last Updated: September 12, 2023