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A significant portion of the population has genetic variations that negatively impact how they will respond to medication. With the help of our genetic interpretation, reporting, and medication risk management solutions, patients can now receive safer, more effective medication regimens.

DNA-Driven Diagnostics & Prescribing

Patients are taking medications that may not work for them, or worse, may be causing adverse reactions.

For Payer Organizations

We offer turnkey programs that help to lower healthcare costs while improving outcomes and member satisfaction.

We’re focused on helping our participants get healthier and improve their quality of life—Pharmacogenomics align with our mission, and really made a difference.”

Jane Cheshire Gilbert, CPA
Director of Retiree Health, Teachers’ Retirement System Kentucky

For Pharmacists

Interactive tools that allow you to audition alternative medications, along with their relative pricing.

Now I can guide patients to customized prescriptions that will meet their specific needs, knowing that the recommended medications will be safe and effective.”

Lucy B. Wells, RPh
Clinical Director, Know Your RX Coalition

For Physicians

Get laboratory results that support clinical decision-making.

GeneDose LIVE allows me to use personalized information to determine an increased speed-of-treatment plan for real-time patient prescribing.”

Kennedy Ganti, MD
Attending Physician, Cooper University Hospital
Assistant Professor, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

For Patients

Peace of mind comes with knowing that you’re getting the right prescriptions—for you.

After a proactive discussion with my doctor, we agreed to change my meds—now I’ve got more energy to play with my grandkids again.”

Debby Miller

Our Offerings

Genetic Interpretation

For Laboratories: Genetic Interpretation & Reporting

Our reporting algorithms provide fast, accurate results to help guide treatment decisions in areas like pharmacogenomics, infectious diseases, and opioid risk screening.

Laboratory Solutions

Medication Risk Management Solutions

For Payer Organizations: Medication Risk Management Solutions

Lower your costs, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction. By leveraging genetics at an enterprise-wide level, your members will only take medications that are safe and effective for them.

Enterprise Solutions

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