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We believe there’s Power In KnowingTM, and we deliver on that promise every day. We’re a precision medicine company that’s using genetic science and research in new ways—to improve lives, reduce healthcare costs, and simplify decision-making for our customers. In short, we are setting new boundaries for a healthier world.

We deliver the Power In KnowingTM by working with large employers, health plans, public and private payer organizations, health systems, academic institutions, and laboratories to deliver paths to better health and more efficient care worldwide using pharmacogenomics services (the study of how genes affect an individual’s response to medication) and precision medicine (tailored diagnosis and treatment plan specific to each patient).

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Pharmacogenomics holds the promise to ensure individuals are only taking medications that work for them. Did you know:

Genes can influence a person’s response to medications

The safety and efficacy of over 200 prescription medications are known to be affected by a person’s genes

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On average, people aged 45 and older take four prescription medications daily

People 65-69 years old take an average of 14 prescriptions per year

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About one-fifth of prescriptions given to elderly patients are inappropriate

Adverse drug reactions are responsible for 32,000 hip fractures per year and 28% of re-hospitalizations

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Our pharmacogenomic services offer precise medical care to ensure a healthier world.

Corigen medication safety program


Our population-scale Medication Safety Program works to eliminate trial-and-error prescribing, improve medication efficacy through DNA testing and reduce overall healthcare costs. Partnering with customers, we provide actionable solutions informed by genetic knowledge to improve the lives of program participants.

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Research Analysis

Our precision medicine company leads the way in research analysis of women’s health, urinary tract infections (UTI), respiratory pathogen panel (RPP) testing, fungal testing, soft tissue wound healing (STWH), and more through genetic testing.
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We’re proud to stand with these fellow champions, meeting today’s challenges and inventing tomorrow’s solutions. Partnering with the healthcare community, CLS uses the best scientific research in new ways to deliver results and build profitable growth for our partners including:

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Join Our Team! Are you looking for an opportunity to empower your future while transforming health, well-being, and improving the overall standard of care? As an industry first-mover and innovator, we’re committed to impacting lives for the better. If you share our beliefs, meet our team members to get a better idea of what it’s like to work at Coriell Life Sciences. Together, we’ll empower a healthier world through genetic science.