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Villanova School of Business interviews alumni: CLS' President & CEO, Scott Megill

Scott Megill ’07 EMBA always had an interest in technology but didn’t care for the programming side of computer science so he pursued a liberal arts education in college. Megill explains how he “tripped into” the field of business technology. “What really interested me was how you could apply technology to business, and that is pretty universal across any industry.” Megill wanted to be able to apply the ability to move data and transform data to make a more significant impact. With deep expertise in technology from his roles at an HR benefits firm and later Dow Chemical Company and Rohm & Haas, Megill sought to learn the language of business to elevate the work he was doing and decided to pursue an Executive MBA at VSB. After attaining his MBA, Megill went to work for the renowned Coriell Institute for Medical Research and led their start-up efforts in launching Coriell Life Sciences (CLS), where he is now President and CEO.

Today, Coriell Life Sciences is an internationally trusted provider of comprehensive medication risk management and precision medicine solutions. At its core, the organization uses advanced technology to bridge the gap between genetic knowledge and clinical application, impacting how people can be prescribed safer and more appropriate medications. CLS works with organizations such as pension funds, self-insured employers, and government agencies to incorporate genetic science into their benefits plans and identify members at the highest risk who can be offered education, outreach, and testing. There are currently about 200 medications (and growing) whose effectiveness is known to be influenced by genetics. These medications are used to treat a variety of conditions from mood disorders to pain management to cardiac conditions. The use of precision medicine is a win-win for employers and employees. Individuals feel better with more effective medications, resulting in fewer hospitalizations, lower absenteeism, and significantly reduced healthcare costs.

CLS has been able to leverage the platform they have developed for pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing and medication safety and apply it to COVID Return-to-Operations planning. CLS helps companies identify the right employees to be tested for COVID and with the right frequency. Looking at exposure environments, underlying health risks, and business criteria thresholds for reopening, CLS is able to provide a dashboard for a company to safely reopen. In addition, CLS’ medication risk management program is also being applied to COVID medication and treatment safety. The CDC has identified 42 different medications as potential COVID treatments or therapeutics, many of which are impacted by genetics.

According to Megill, he wouldn’t be in the position he is today without his Villanova EMBA, which he describes as a “realistic, real-world MBA program.” Megill reflects that one of the most valuable elements of the program was the learning that happened outside the classroom, hearing real-life stories and experiences of his fellow students, and being able to apply that to the classroom content and into his future career. Megill’s work with CLS is truly an example of a business leader working to create a better (and healthier) world.

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Last Updated: May 4, 2023