Webinar: Social Determinants Up Close and Personal

Rev Up 2020 session that peels back all of the different layers of SDoH, including barriers that shape how people interact with the healthcare system.

Coriell Life Sciences (CLS) participated in a panel discussion during Revel Health’s Rev Up 2020 event.

In this deep diving panel you’ll learn:

  • How to humanize SDoH through personal experiences and insights
  • Strategies to address barriers you may not typically think of
  • Innovative solutions that are driving change

Immediately following the panel presentation, starting around the 1:00 mark in the video, don’t miss an interactive learning session hosted by the Coriell Life Sciences Team. This innovation lab is led by Scott Megill, Coriell Life Sciences’ President & CEO, discussing game-changers in SDoH.

Featured Panelists:

Last Updated: October 21, 2020