The Power in Knowing™ How to Improve Lives Through Precision Medicine

Headquartered in the historic and innovation-centric Philadelphia Navy Yard, Coriell Life Sciences is a precision medicine genetics company using genetic science and research to:

  • Improve lives
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Simplify decision-making for our customers throughout the United States and around the world

We deliver power in knowing by helping employers and payer organizations incorporate genetic science and personalized medicine data science into their benefits plans to:

  • Improve member health
  • Gain population insights
  • Reduce healthcare costs

We also deliver research analysis of genetic variation, alongside demographic data, lifestyle factors, and real-time drug regimen modeling. Our approach to precision medicine with genetics empowers healthcare providers, pharmacists, laboratories, and participants to embrace personalized knowledge for more effective medical care.

Coriell Life Sciences headquarters in Philadelphia Navy Yard