2022 PBMI® Annual National Conference

Date: September 12, 2022 - September 14, 2022
Location: Orlando, FL
Coriell Leaders:

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Jeffrey A. Shaman, PhD, MS, CLS’ Chief Science Officer, Presents:

Real-World Impact of a Pharmacogenomics-Enriched Comprehensive Medication Management Program

Tuesday, September 13 | 11:30am

The findings surrounding real-world data on the clinical and economic outcomes of pharmacogenomics (PGx) and comprehensive medication management will be examined in this session. More specifically a new peer-reviewed study entitled “Real-World Impact of a Pharmacogenomics-Enriched Comprehensive Medication Management Program,” published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine will be reviewed.


Jeffrey A. Shaman Biography:

Leveraging extensive experience in genetics and pharmacology, Dr. Shaman is a leading expert in the rapidly evolving field of PGx. Dr. Shaman plays a critical role in bridging the gap between genetic science and clinical application. This includes translating decades of cutting-edge genetic research into actionable insights on the safest and most effective medications for individuals based on their unique DNA and dozens of other factors. Driven to advance public health, he is focused on enabling the delivery of personalized medicine at scale and empowering the most precise medical care worldwide. He consults with large employers, public and private payer organizations, healthcare systems, academic institutions, and laboratories around the globe, advising them on how to eliminate trial-and-error prescribing, improve population health, and control rising healthcare costs. Dr. Shaman is dedicated to setting the industry standard and pioneering new advancements in the field.


27th Annual Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) Conference: https://events.pbmi.com/event

This year’s PBMI Annual Conference will have a dedicated emphasis on improving patient care with established educational tracks focusing on contracting and industry relations, innovation and technology, clinical and trend management, and designing the drug benefit.

PBMI’s Annual Conference brings together various stakeholders from across the healthcare continuum: Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Employers & Employer Groups, Payers & Organized Customer Groups, Specialty Pharmacy Providers, Pharmacy Service Providers, Pharmacy Benefit Consultant, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Companies.