Precision Medicine World Conference 2022 – Silicon Valley

Date: June 28, 2022 - June 30, 2022
Location: Silicon Valley, CA
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Jeffrey A. Shaman, PhD, MS, CLS’ Chief Science Officer, Presents:

US Healthcare is Ready for PGx + CMM

Track 3 | Thursday, June 30 | 11:30am

Understanding the current environment of pharmacogenomics, combined with comprehensive medication management, along with lessons from recent and ongoing real-world implementations.



Leveraging extensive experience in genetics and pharmacology, Dr. Shaman is a leading expert in the rapidly evolving field of PGx. Dr. Shaman plays a critical role in bridging the gap between genetic science and clinical application. This includes translating decades of cutting-edge genetic research into actionable insights on the safest and most effective medications for individuals based on their unique DNA and dozens of other factors. Driven to advance public health, he is focused on enabling the delivery of personalized medicine at scale and empowering the most precise medical care worldwide. He consults with large employers, public and private payer organizations, healthcare systems, academic institutions, and laboratories around the globe, advising them on how to eliminate trial-and-error prescribing, improve population health, and control rising healthcare costs. Dr. Shaman is dedicated to setting the industry standard and pioneering new advancements in the field.


PMWC Silicon Valley, June 28 – 30:

The Foremost Precision Medicine Conference

7-track Progam | 90 Exhibits | 400 Speakers | Venue

  • Gathering recognized leaders, top global researchers, and medical professionals, plus innovators across healthcare and biotechnology sectors
  • Showcasing the latest practical content that helps close the knowledge gap among different sectors
  • Promoting cross-functional fertilization and collaboration to accelerate Precision Medicine
  • Main Tracks and Showcases (7 total) that provide a mix of established and upcoming perspectives
  • Luminary and Pioneer Award Ceremony honoring those who transform health care by advancing precision medicine in the clinic

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