What is the Corigen Medication Safety Program Process?

Get Started

After enrolling through your employer or insurance provider, you’ll receive a pharmacogenomics test kit in the mail that you complete at home – comfortable, private, and no need to visit a clinic or pharmacy.

DNA Analysis

Our specially-trained pharmacists from CLS’ laboratory network analyze your results to see how your DNA, combined with other factors, affects the medication(s) you take.

Results Delivery

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive a notification to schedule a phone call with one of our pharmacists who will review your results and may make recommendations to you and your physician. Your physician will then determine the most appropriate medication therapy changes and review the new treatment plan with you.

Learn More About Our Corigen Medication Safety Program

If your employer or health benefits provider would like more information about pharmacogenomics for patients, please call 888-415-7834 or complete the form below.


    Already Participating?

    For those who may already have the option of experiencing the benefits of our personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics program through your employer or benefits provider:

    Coriell Life Sciences DNA sample kit and instructions

    Having trouble with your sample? 

    Check out this helpful video to ensure a high-quality DNA sample.

    Return Your Kit

    Place your signed consent form and DNA sample into the box and seal. That’s it! We’ve pre-labeled and pre-paid your return kit, so your box can be placed in any mailbox serviced by the US Postal Service.

    Request a Kit or Schedule a Pharmacist Consultation

    Contact a CLS Enrollment Support Specialist at (888) 456-9184 or enrollment@coriell.com.


    Contact a CLS Enrollment Support Specialist

    (888) 456-9184