April 30, 2021

Coriell Life Sciences Awarded 2021 Top Genetic Diagnostics Solution Provider

Healthcare Tech Outlook Names Coriell Life Sciences a Top Genetic Diagnostics Solution Provider 

CLS is honored to be included in the annual listing of ten companies that are at the forefront of providing genetic diagnostics solutions and impacting the industry

Coriell Life Sciences – Enabling Better Health through Personalized Medicine

If you are taking a medication that is ineffective or even harmful, wouldn’t you want to know? Now you can because of technological innovations from organizations like Coriell Life Sciences (CLS). 

CLS has created a population-scale medication safety program, CorigenTM, to help physicians and pharmacists more precisely prescribe treatments with greater degrees of success. Dr. Jeffrey A. Shaman, CLS’ chief science officer, notes, “Our program leverages pharmacogenomics. It combines genetics with how drugs interact with each other, patient-specific information, and personalized medication risk assessments to enable healthcare providers to make immediate treatment decisions without the need for risky and costly trial-and-error prescribing.” In other words, championing the power of genetic science through personalized medicine, Coriell Life Sciences helps ensure patients are taking the medications that work for them.

What sets Corigen apart?

The science of pharmacogenomics (PGx) can now assist in assessing how a person will respond to medications, but DNA testing alone is not sufficient. A key component of Corigen is GeneDose LIVE, CLS’ clinical decision support tool, which utilizes patient-specific information such as medication regimen, disease indications, and lifestyle factors to identify the right balance between risk and therapeutic success for each patient. The tool provides a prioritized understanding of a patient’s risks by medication and the ability to select more appropriate, alternative drugs. Simply put, Corigen eliminates the standard trial-and-error guesswork and enables physicians to make appropriate prescribing decisions in accordance with individual genetics in addition to many other personal variables. This part, going beyond DNA/genetics, is a significant component of what sets Corigen/GeneDose LIVE apart.

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