November 18, 2020

Coriell Life Sciences Wins Two Prestigious Industry Awards

Coriell Life Sciences Wins Two Prestigious Industry Awards

CLS is honored to receive EHIR’s Fall 2020 Traction Award and Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top Precision Medicine Solution Providers in Europe

Philadelphia, PA, October 29, 2020—Coriell Life Sciences (CLS), a trusted and innovative precision medicine organization, is honored to accept two industry awards

The Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR®) recognized CLS with their Fall 2020 Traction Award. The Traction Award is a semi-annual award (spring/fall) recognizing the innovator, among those selected by their members to present, with the most employer interest through EHIR’s match-making process. CLS’ Chief Revenue Officer, Jennifer Ferrang, notes, “We are proud to remain a valued partner of EHIR and look forward to our continued relationship with them and their members.”

EHIR®’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of innovation for the sake of improving employee health, wellness, and productivity. They grew out of a need for objective support in identifying and assessing the most promising emerging solutions and their impact on employee population health. 

Healthcare Tech Outlook presents the annual listing of ten companies that are at the forefront of providing Precision Medicine solutions and impacting the industry. “CLS is thrilled to be recognized as being at the forefront of providing innovative genetic solutions as a Top Precision Medicine Solution Provider in Europe,” says Scott Megill, President and CEO of Coriell Life Sciences.

Healthcare Tech Outlook is a print platform offering healthcare decision-makers critical information on adopting, innovating, and building new programs and approaches to enhance their capability to provide care. They have been a pioneer in offering a learn-from-peer approach to the healthcare arena, offering technology advice to enhance both the overall healthcare landscape and assist individual care providers – from general practitioners and specialists to post-acute care organizations. In such a dramatic landscape, Healthcare Tech Outlook is determined to bring forth the complete picture of how the healthcare landscape can be enhanced and brought to new heights through the adoption of the latest technologies.