March 12, 2020

Coriell Life Sciences to Provide Coronavirus COVID-19 Reporting to Laboratories

Coriell Life Sciences responds to public health crisis by providing key service at no cost

Coriell Life Sciences (CLS), a leading provider of molecular test interpretation and reporting, is offering its coronavirus analysis and reporting services to laboratories throughout the United States at no cost during this period of public health crisis.

“Laboratory testing is not as simple as running a sample through a machine. The results must be interpreted and developed into a clinical report that laboratories either need to design and build, or they can partner with providers like Coriell Life Sciences. To speed our national response to stemming the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we feel we can contribute by creating a ready-made path for laboratories ramping up access to this testing.” said Scott Megill, President and CEO of Coriell Life Sciences.

Coriell Life Sciences is uniquely positioned to respond to respiratory illnesses such as Coronavirus (COVID-19). CLS’ Infectious Disease Reporting interprets semi-quantitative laboratory assays of pathogenic microorganisms. Coriell Life Sciences recognizes the need to implement testing and reporting solutions immediately. With so many citizens at risk for infection and the national focus on preventing the spread of the disease, we aim to make our process as simple and efficient as possible while healthcare organizations continue to pursue Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

For any existing or new laboratory partner to initiate the process, those interested can contact Coriell Life Sciences by completing this request form located here, calling 888-415-7834, or emailing