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May 5, 2022

Coriell Life Sciences Wins Second MedTech Breakthrough Award for Genomics Innovation

CLS’ Corigen® Medication Safety Program is recognized as the most comprehensive solution on the market


PHILADELPHIA – May 5, 2022 – As Coriell Life Sciences (CLS) leads the way in unlocking the power of pharmacogenomics (PGx) to improve lives and eliminate healthcare waste, the organization’s Corigen® Medication Safety Program has been named “Best Overall Genomics Solution” in the 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Awards. This year’s program attracted more than 3,900 nominations from over 15 different countries.

CLS’ Corigen Medication Safety Program enables health plan sponsors, such as large employers, healthcare benefits providers, and retirement and pension funds, to improve the health of their populations while significantly reducing healthcare costs. This is achieved by providing employees or members personalized insight on medications that may be ineffective or unsafe for them based on their DNA and dozens of other factors.

Participants are alerted to recommended changes to their current medications and empowered to know which drugs they should avoid throughout their lives – streamlining the delivery of care and minimizing the risks of trial-and-error prescribing.

“The cost of medication mismanagement is being borne not just by the patients, but by the payers as well. Reducing adverse drug events, hospitalizations, and unnecessary spend due to ineffective drug regimens is needed to measurably improve employee health while also controlling healthcare costs for organizations and their employees,” said James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough. “Corigen is the most comprehensive solution on the market addressing this issue.”

Corigen is turnkey, configurable, and scalable, with CLS handling everything from population analytics to member engagement and enrollment, DNA testing, and detailed reporting.

“On the heels of being named the ‘Best Overall Genomics Company’ by MedTech Breakthrough in 2021, it’s a great honor to be recognized again for our groundbreaking Corigen program,” said Scott Megill, President & CEO of Coriell Life Sciences. “Corigen is driving real clinical and economic benefits for sponsoring organizations and their populations – and we’re proud to be driving the delivery of more efficient healthcare worldwide.”

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