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April 21, 2022

Coriell Life Sciences Wins Biotechnology Award

Coriell Life Sciences named Leading Provider of Comprehensive Medication Solutions – USA by Global Health & Pharma

“Through Corigen®, our medication safety program, Coriell Life Sciences continues to focus on the utilization of genetic testing technologies to help steer the best course of care for scalable, impactful medication management, ultimately leading to a healthier population and significant cost savings for the organizations we work with,” notes Scott Megill, CLS’ President and CEO.

Corigen is Coriell Life Sciences’ population-scale medication risk management program that equips public and private employers, health plans, health systems, and pharmacy benefits managers with a comprehensive precision medicine offering for their organizations. 

Global Health & Pharma’s annual Biotechnology Awards cast a shining light on the pioneers and leading innovators within this crucial and ever-evolving sector. Boasting impressive market value growth, and with no signs of slowing down, the biotechnology sector continues to thrive as innovative solutions and cutting-edge advancements are developed in laboratories and boardrooms across the globe.

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